Vaxcoin — Blockchain to avoid censorship

At the beginning of 2020 we realized that the next months would be a hard time for humanity. A new global force tried to enter our homes and take our freedom, money and health.

Every time hard times had occurred in history, that brought a change and new eras arised as risk and opportunity are two faces of the same coin. This year brought to light all the weaknesses of our present global system. Those that many of us had already clear enough in their mind.

What started all the troubles, as always, was the lack of real and objective data, the lack of communication and the censorship from Governors.

Since January, when we all acknowledged that something big was occurring in China our team, made by healthcare ,marketing experts and developers from all around the world, started looking for a way to get the real numbers of this pandemic. The journey has been long and difficult but at the end of August (after nine months) we were finally able to establish real-time data inflow from our partners.

What we found was exactly what we always imagined: from North to South, East to West, numbers of infected people, death rate and hospitalization were manipulated at the governors’ will.

We tried to publish our discoveries on major scientific journals and independent blogs, but everything disappeared from the internet pretty soon.

Luckily for all of us, 12 years ago an unknown new “messiah” gave us the world’s only censor proof technology, the Blockhchain.

We had never doubted that it was the only choice we had as the system to use and we started asking around for interested people to make the project grow.

As to what blockchain to choose, Ethereum has already shown its strengths (as weaknesses) well enough: smart contracts and Defi give us the perfect opportunity to create an interactive project powered by our unique data and innovations.

Now that (hopefully) we are over the pandemic’s worst periods, vaccine news is coming out and the competition for the best efficacy result has started. Voices of exotic vaccines spread around as Israelians, Russians and Chinese already have it.

To share our real-time work to a worldwide audience, we have decided to build our platform, a staking Dapp with rewards for holders and LPs, based on real life numbers.


$VAX is our deflationary token: the max supply will be pegged 1:10⁶ to the current world population. This way, $VAX supply will never be higher than 7,600.

We are not planning any ICO/IEO or IDO and at the beginning all the supply will be locked in the contract. Team tokens are limited to 1%.

To overcome any form of censorship our token will be deflationary with a token burn linked to the people immunized in the world following an innovative algorithm to prevent bots to take advantages from a cadenced burn.

To obtain the token you don’t have to buy it , to get the exclusivity of a so low supply coin we created a journey that follow the one made by the researchers to reach the real vaccine, we created a new generation of liquidity staking working with the staking of a single stablecoin that add liquidity to the pool with the contract’s tokens giving you coins as reward.

The deflationary rate will be directly linked to the total number of vaccinated people. Tokens will be accordingly burnt in a 1:1 ratio in random snapshots created by our algorithm.

To create exclusivity and low supply, $VAX won’t be tradable at the beginning. We planned a journey that traces that of real companies when creating a real vaccine.

The first part of the journey will start on the 18th of December and will keep increasing the distributing rewards for 15 days , we will have 4 initial pools to stake your stablecoin to earn that you need to create a vaccine , some Doctors ,a few Labs , many Test Tubes and Volunteers.

The rewards will keep increasing for 15 days.

The second part will begin on the first day of 2021; the tokens previously earned will be commuted in multiple coins pool , or in 2 incentivized pools , merging tokens and the LP of the previous stage pools.

The contract has a small fee for every movement: this % of tokens will be immediately burnt to maintain a certain level of buy pressure.

To keep the supply low, no minting and high rewards the total amount allowed per pool in the first 4 pools will be limited to $75,000 each.

The starting roi calculated on a supposed initial 900k $ m.cap will be a stunning 12% daily , with a 4380% apy for the first 15 days. Rewards will follow a curve that advantages loyal investors.

Before the Beginning of the phase 2, on December 30, we will run a lottery where 40 winners will receive 400 $VAX (10 each) at 1 $VAX=0.15 $ETH.

On the 1st of January 2021, $VAX will be listed on Uniswap at 1 $VAX=0.35 $ETH.

After the beginning of phase 2, we will release a few (number yet to be established) exclusive ERC-721 NFT tokens in a public auction.

These NFTs can be used in an exclusive pool to receive more $VAX. The value of the NTFs will grow following $VAX price as they are tradable tokens that guarantee a stable supply.

The supply owned by the team is locked and vested for 3 months: part of that will be given to charitable entities to help countries that can’t afford vaccinations.



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